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Terhi Dostal u.a.: Essays über finnische Musik

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Nuoren pianistin muotokuva – Ilmari Hannikaisen pianokvartetto fis-molli Op. 2

My article is about the Finnish composer Ilmari Hannikainen's (1892–1955) piano quartet in F sharp minor, Op. 2. Ilmari Hannikainen was one of the most significant Finnish pianists of his time. When composing the piano quartet, he was 19 years old. The piano quartet remained unpublished for a long time, but now it has been printed (Fennica Gehrman, ed. Jani Kyllönen 2013) and there is also a CD recording played by Nina Karmon, Luke Turrell, Roi Ruottinen and me (Telos 2017). In my essay, I write about the composition and its historical background. I deal with Hannikainen's teachers and musical influences. I write about the composition from the perspective of style history, that is, I consider how it was in relation to the other prevailing composition styles of the time. When writing the article, I also had access to biographical sources, such as memoirs and letters, which I used to compare the historical situation in which the piano quartet was born. I also studied reviews of early performances of the quartet in order to understand the early reception history of the composition.

In German / Auf Deutsch

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Hannikainen, Ilmari: Klavierquartett Op. 2

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Lindberg, Magnus: Klarinettentrio (2008)

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