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Dr. Terhi Dostal, pianist

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We Elevate Arts project of Schindler Deutschland

I was invited to the Christmas calendar project We Elevate Arts of Schindler Deutschland. I find it great that Schindler Group has decided to promote freelancer artists in this difficult time. You can watch my interview and video (made in cooperation with the video artist Paula Saraste) here.

Upcoming concerts:

In 2020, most of my concerts have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the difficult situation, I have been happy to dedicate my time to composition. This year, I started to study privately composition with Prof. Matthias Drude. I have been able to finish many projects, which I had already started earlier, including a mass for choir and orchestra (35 min.), a 3-movement piano composition (8 min.) and two songs (8 min.). As soon as possible, we try to perform and record these works and release them in YouTube. Stay tuned!

The chamber music CD receives good reviews


The CD "Finnish Piano Quartets" was released in December 2016. In this CD, I was happy to perform with Nina Karmon, Luke Turrell and Roi Ruottinen. We played Ilmari Hannikainen's, Helvi Leiviskä's and Armas Launis's music for piano quartet. The CD was immediately chosen as the CD of the week by ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Company, and introduced in an hour-long radio programme.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle also welcomed the new CD with good reviews: "A performance of international standard on the Finnish Quartets... All [players] have an intensive, romantic sound, but also lots of routine in the team work. The quartet plays together much better than similar project ensembles normally. The intonation is first class, the phrases are are solidly and appealingly formed, and Terhi Dostal's colorful pianism functions as counterbalance and extension exactly as it must be when playing piano quartets. Better yet, the musicians seem to have found convincing content from these early works." Read the whole review in Finnish here.

Terhi Dostal and Annemarie Åström's CD: Brahms sonatas

Annemarie Åström and I performed the F.A.E. Sonata by Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms and Albert Dietrich and the both sonatas Op. 120 for clarinet and piano, as versions for violin and piano by the composer. All these works are seldom heard and recorded. Moreover, thanks to the Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag, we were allowed to record with the so-called Brahms Grand Piano of the museum. Read more about the CD here.


Terhi Dostal's Brahms book

Terhi Dostal's doctoral thesis Romantic poetry as inspiration of Brahms. Description and analysis of an early poem collection of the composer has been published now. It can be purchased from Ostinato Sheet Music Shop or from the Docmus Department of the Sibelius-Academy. Read more about the book and explore the abstract here.


Terhi Dostal's Brahms CD available

Terhi Dostal's Brahms CD receives superb reviews!

- order the CD in the internet, for instance in Amazon (English) or in Fuga (Finnish)


Older news

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Photos: Thorsten Heideck, Janne Käpylehto (Björklund)

Last update: 02/2020