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My new CD Finnish Piano Works

My newest CD was published in the 1st of September 2023! The album contains Finnish romantic-impressionistic piano music, including e.g. Ilmari Hannikainen's most significant piano work Variations fantasques Op. 19, Sibelius' Sonatinas Op. 67 and Aarre Merikanto's fine piano pieces Op. 20. You can order the CD here.

Special thanks to the whole Deutschlandfunk Kultur team: Recording producer Michael Havenstein, sound engineer Henri Thaon, recording assistants Ole Jana & Karīna Ķemere - and executive producer Stefan Lang, who made this all possible. Thanks also to the CD label Hänssler Classic for the excellent cooperation.

Listen to the radio programme about my new CD by the German Broadcasting Company, Deutschlandfunk Kultur here (in German).


Excellent reviews of my orchestral mass Missa in honorem Beati Hemmingi Episcopi


"Such an experience was to hear Terhi Dostal’s (…) extensive, downright monumental work of church music, finely and competently interpreted. The piece in question had already had its premiere in the Turku Cathedral with Suomen laulu Choir and St. Michel Strings - and it was performed again in Johanneksenkirkko in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago. (...) All in all, the work is an impressive demonstration of the vividness of the genre's tradition now that all styles are allowed in music again, after being freed from the dictatorship of seriality. Such a work is guaranteed to find its audience. I predict that Dostal's Mass will be presented often again." - Prof. Eero Tarasti, Amfion

"In addition to her career as a pianist, Terhi Dostal, who currently lives in Berlin, has also taken strong steps towards composing. After smaller works, she has chosen quite a challenge and composed a traditional ordinarium mass, the roots of which spring from deep in the history of art music.

A really brave and special opening. Dostal knows this music. He also knows the essence of the Catholic Mass. Dostal's Mass is a tribute to old church music and breathes life of traditions. Dostal's mass is a choral work where religiosity is mixed with romantic feeling. The end result was a controlled, beautiful and melodically rich mass. Dostal took over the polyphonic technique of the renaissance in this Mass of Bishop Hemming." - Ilmo Pokkinen, Länsi-Savo

My mass on the Finnish radio YLE 1 and on Youtube

Listen to the beloved radio programm of Risto Nordell, Riston valinta (in Finnish).
The work is also available on Youtube: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei.

2021 CD: "Finnish Impressions"

My CD "Finnish Impressions" is out! On the album I play Finnish music: Jean Sibelius, Ilmari Hannikainen, Helvi Leiviskä and myself as composers. :-) The CD contains several first recordings.
"Finnish Impressions" is published by Alba Records. The CD will soon be available at their web shop.  Thank you to the producer Erkki Nisonen and the tonmeister Michael Havenstein for excellent co-operation.

Terhi Dostal: Sonatina for piano (2020)

New Artist Photos

My new portrait photos - including my CD cover picture - were taken by Michael Clemens. You can see some of them in my Photo Album.

Some online recordings

In addition to my Mass Missa in honorem Beati Hemmingi Episcopi, also several videos with Finnish piano music of Ilmari Hannikainen, Jean Sibelius and Oskar Merikanto are available on my Youtube Account. Check also the new sound recordings (Liszt, Grieg, Brahms etc.) on my Soundcloud Account.

Older news

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Last update: 07/2023