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Premiere of my Mass "Blessed Hemming"

I am feeling happy and thankful after the successful premiere of my Missa in honorem Beati Hemmingi Episcopi (or simply Mass of Blessed Hemming). It was wonderful to hear this liturgical composition, which I worked on for 8 years, in its natural setting, i.e. as part of a solemn Catholic mass in the medieval cathedral of Turku. It was here that Blessed Bishop Hemming worked in the 14th century.

The Mass I composed for mixed choir, string orchestra and organ was premiered at the celebration of the Finnish Catholic Diocese at the Turku Cathedral on 13 August 2022. The performers were the Suomen Laulu Choir and the St. Michel Strings (Mikkeli City Orchestra) conducted by Esko Kallio, as well as organist Pilvi Listo.

My Mass is written in honor of the Blessed Bishop Hemming (1290-1366). It is late romantic in style and its duration is altogether about 35 minutes. I wrote this piece for eight years and finally completed it in 2020.

You can read more about my feelings after this unique event here. Photo by Marko Tervaportti.

Concert at the Nordischer Klang festival

You can also listen to the broadcast of my Concert at the "Nordischer Klang" festival in Greifswald. All-Finnish-Recital was recorded by the NDR. I played music by Jean Sibelius, Ilmari Hannikainen, Oskar Merikanto and myself. Listen to the German radio Programm of NDR Kultur here.


Photo: Christine Nickel


Read my article on Ilmari Hannikainen's Piano Quartet op. 2 (in Finnish)

You can read this article and other writings on Finnish music here.

Four Short Films on Johannes Brahms


This documentary project was made together with the film director Paula Saraste from 2012 to 2014, the concept and script were mine. I also played the piano. The films are now available on my Youtube Account. You can also watch the short films on my website.

9/2021 Stipendium of the Art Promotion Centre Finland

I was awarded a scholarship of 6.000€ for my artistic work - both composition and performance. Really happy and grateful for this grant!

New university position

From 2018, I belong again to the staff of the Sibelius-Academy at the University of Arts in Finland as an artistic guest researcher (post doc). I research the Finnisch 20th century composer Ilmari Hannikainen and perform and record his music. I look forward to exchange my knowledge with other academic scholars and students of the Sibelius-Academy!

2019/2 Top reviews from the concert in Walderbach (Bavaria) with the flutist Kaori Higashida-Tokoyoda

At the charming concert series at the Walderbach Abbey I was delighted to perform with the flutist Kaori Higashida-Tokoyoda. The good review in German can be read here.

2017/7 Successful concert at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival


On Sunday 9th of July 2017 I had a chance to perform at one of the biggest festivals of the world, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. I had a great pleasure to work together with excellent musicians: the violinist Nina Karmon, the violist Wen-Xiao Zheng and the cellist Niklas Eppinger. We played Finnish romantic music. The concert was a success and it was attended by an audience of almost 2000 people.


NEWS 2016/1


Good critic for the concert of the Dostal piano quartett in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria)

Read the article in German here.

Upcoming concerts:

6th of March 2016 Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin. With the violinist Nina Karmon
12th of March 2016 Kloster Walderbach, Cham, Bavaria. With the violinist Nina Karmon.

Listen to Terhi's newest composition

Geistliche Übung 265 (written in 2015) and some other LIVE recordings are now available on Soundcloud.

NEWS 2015/10

Next concerts:

November 7 in Kaufbeuren, Germany with Dostal Pianoquartett.

November 20 in Berlin, Germany, Schwartzsche Villa with the flutist Kaori Higashida.

December 8 in Berlin, Germany, at the Passionskirche.

December 29 in Meggen, Switzerland, at the Schloss Meggenhorn with the violinist Nina Karmon.

NEWS 2014/7

New Management

From 2014 on, Terhi Dostal will be represented by the Concert Office of Seeli Toivio.

Terhi Dostal's composition Ave Maria Mater Dolorosa

Listen to my newest composition Ave Maria Mater Dolorosa now on Youtube! The concert performance is by Suomen Laulu Choir, Esko Kallio and Pilvi Listo-Tervaportti.

Terhi Dostal's New Blog

I have started a blog in WordPress! You can find it here.

NEWS 2014/5


Terhi Dostal's next concert / Terhi Dostals nächstes Konzert in Berlin


18.5.2013 at 5 pm
Kulturforum Hellersdorf, Carola-Neher-Str. 1, 12619 Berlin.

Chopin, Brahms, Gried and Sinding

Further performances / weitere Auftritte

Terhi Dostal performs also

25.5. at 7 pm in the Finnland-Zentrum, Schleiermacherstr. 24a, 10961 Berlin

17.6. at 4 pm at the Hamburger Rathaus, Hamburg

New church music composition by Terhi Dostal will be premiered in May 2014

cropped-kuoro22.jpgTerhi Dostal's composition Ave Maria Mater Dolorosa for mixed choir and organ will be premiered by the well-known Finnish choir Suomen Laulu. The work can be heard in the following concerts:

Terhi Dostalin sävellyksen Ave Maria Mater Dolorosa kantaesittää tunnettu suomalainen kuoro Suomen Laulu. Teos kuullaan seuraavissa konserteissa:

7.5.2014 Concert at 7 pm Munkkivuoren kirkko / Munkkivuori Church, Raumantie 3, 350 Helsinki, Finland.

9.5.2014 Concert at 7 pm Vihdin kirkko / Vihti Church, Kirkkotie, 03400 Vihti, Finland.

10.5.2014 Concert at 4 pm Jaani Kirik / St. John's Church, Vabaduse väljak 1, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia.

5.6.2014 Concert at 6 pm St. Henrik's Cathedral, Pyhän Henrikin aukio 1, 00140 Helsinki, Finland.

NEWS 2014/4

Premiere of Four short films on Johannes Brahms in Helsinki
ENSI-ILTA! Neljä lyhytelokuvaa Johannes Brahmsista

11.4.2014 pe klo 18
Kino Tulio, Kansallinen audiovisuaalinen instituutti, Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A1, 5.krs. 00500 Helsinki

Ensi-illassa nähdään neljän lyhytelokuvan sarja, joka kertoo säveltäjä Johannes Brahmsista ja hänen suhteestaan romanttiseen runouteen. Lue lisää/Read more...

NEWS 2014/2

Four short films on Johannes Brahms by Terhi Dostal & Paula Saraste are now online!


These four short documentary films tell about several themes of my Doctoral Thesis in an easily digestible way. They were filmed 2013 in Helsinki (Music Centre Studio), Berlin (Ballhaus Rixdorf Studios) and in several places in Brandenburg (Cloister Zinna, Schloss Wiepersdorf). The project was funded by the Sibelius-Academy Development Centre. You can watch all these films online in the Siba-TV by clicking the links. Read more...

Here you can watch them:

I. Brahms's Romantic Nuns

II. Brahms's Fairy Tale Romanticism

III. Brahms's Rain Songs

IV. Brahms's Romantic Ballade Edward

New Management

From 2014 on, Terhi Dostal will be represented by the Concert Office of Seeli Toivio.

NEWS 2014/1

Brahms Documentary Still Photos

The still photos of Terhi Dostal's upcoming Brahms Documentary project are now online.

NEWS 2013/10

Review in The Strad

The Brahms CD of Terhi Dostal and Annemarie Åström receives an excellent review in the British music magazine The Strad:

"(...) they phrase with elegance and spontaneity, and display a mature understanding of Brahms’s melodic construction. Their third movement of op.120 no.1 has all the requisite grace and Viennese lilt, and Dostal drives the work’s outer movements with urgent, incisive pianism. They make good sense of the often unmusically executed development and expressive coda of the first movement of op.120 no.2, and the lighter articulation of the period piano comes into its own in the scherzo. The contrasting characters of the finale’s variations are captured with commendable artistry, and the recorded sound is natural and warm." (Robin Stowell)

Read the whole review here.

NEWS 2013/8

Terhi Dostal gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy in the 2nd of August in Berlin. The mother and her son are both doing well. She will be on maternity leave until the spring 2014.

NEWS 2013/6

Terhi Dostal's next concert

Terhi Dostal will perform at the Valery Gergiev Festival in Mikkeli, Finland, in the 30th of June 2013. She will play solo piano pieces by Johannes Brahms and Alberto Ginastera and also songs and arias by Mussorgsky, Wolf et al. with two excellent Finnish singers: Arttu Kataja (baritone) and Timo Riihonen (bass). 

NEWS 2013/5

Terhi Dostal and Annemarie Åström's new CD now available!

Buy your copy here.

CD release concerts in the 4th and 6th of June 2013

4 June 2013 at 7 pm
Lichtwarksaal, Neanderstraße 22, 20459 Hamburg. Free entry. In co-operation with the Johannes Brahms Society Hamburg and the Carl Toepfer Society.

6 June 2013 at 8 pm
Konzerthaus Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin. Tickets at the Box Office (Abendkasse) 15e/20e. Tickets im Internet 24,50e. In co-operation with the Finnland-Institut in Deutschland.

NEWS 4/2012

Terhi Dostal's next concert at the Kloster Walderbach (near Regensburg, Bavaria)

Terhi Dostal performs in this concert with the well-known violinist Nina Karmon. Here the details:

Saturday 20 April at 20 pm
Barocksaal vom Kloster Walderbach, Kirchstraße 5, 93194 Walderbach.
Works of Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius and Prokofiev.

Tickets/Kartenvorverkauf: Gemeinde Walderbach, Tel.: 09464/9405-0


NEWS 3/2012

Terhi Dostal's next concert will be in the Turku Castle, Finland, in the 9th of March 2013. She will perform Janacek's Concertino and Brahms's Clarinet trio with the players of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

NEWS 2013/1

Terhi Dostal's concert in Berlin:

New Year's Day 1.1.2013 at 5 pm.

Kulturforum Hellersdorf, Carola-Neher-Str. 1, 12619 Berlin.

NEWS 11/2012

New Brahms recording

Terhi Dostal recorded a new Brahms CD with the violinist Annemarie Åström. She made this recording with the historical grand piano of the Viennese Fellinger Family, now owned by the Austrian Brahms Museum in Mürzzuschlag. Johannes Brahms played with this instrument numerous concerts in the 1880s. The recording will be published in April 2013 by the German recording company NCA Records.







NEWS 10/2012


Terhi's next concert in Austria

Terhi performs in the Austrian Brahms Museum with the violinist Annemarie Åström in the 28th of October, at 6 pm.

Invitation to the Museum Concerts (Brahms Museum Mürzzuschlag)

Dear friends of music,

We start the new concert season with Johannes Brahms's works which you have not yet heard: Together with the Finnish-Swedish violinist Annemarie Åström, the pianist Terhi Dostal presents Brahms's both sonatas Op. 120 as the composer's own version for violin instead of clarinet or viola. Terhi Dostal plays with the Brahms grand piano and will record this programme on a CD shortly after the concert. By the way: Brahms himself played these versions with this same Streicher grand piano 117 years ago at the house of the family Fellinger, together with Marie Soldat, who played the violin.

Terhi's concerts in Berlin

Terhi Dostal performs with the violinist Annemarie Åström in Berlin:

Oct 12, Berlin

7 pm, Kulturforum Hellersdorf. Carola-Neher-Straße 13 12619 Berlin. With Annemarie Åström. Brahms.

Oct 14, Berlin

6 pm, Gemeindesaal von der ev. Gemeinde in Kladow, Kladower Damm 369, 14089 Berlin. With Annemarie Åström. Brahms.


Terhi's newest article about Brahms and Schumann available in the book Porrassalmi V (in Finnish)!

Terhi Dostal: "Schumann Brahmsin esikuvana - ohjelmallisten viitteiden leikki ja tragiikka." ("Schumann as Brahms's role model - the playfulness and tragedy of the programmatic references".) Porrassalmi V. Etelä-Savon kulttuurin vuosikirja 2012. Savon Sotilasperinneyhdistys Porrassalmi, Mikkeli 2012.


NEWS 9/2012

Terhi becomes a NCA Records recording artist

Terhi Dostal signed 19 September 2012 a recording contract with the international record label NCA Records which has its central office in Hamburg:

Newest review of Terhi Dostal's CD Brahms Variations

"The piano music of Brahms might have been my next choice even had I not just received a marvelous disc from SIBA, with Terhi Dostal playing four sets of the composer's variations. [...] Dostal paces it all well; the sound was rich, warm and powerful..." Stereophile, September 2012 (vol. 35 no 9, page 59).

Listen to Terhi's Brahms Performance

Brahms: Sonata Nr. 2 in F sharp minor Op. 2. Terhi Dostal, piano LIVE.

NEWS 8/2012

Listen to Terhi's performances:

Debussy: Pour le piano. Terhi Dostal, piano (unedited recording)

Bach: Partita in C minor BWV 997. Terhi Dostal, piano

Scriabin: Sonata Nr. 3 in F sharp minor op. 23. Terhi Dostal, piano.

Brahms: 7 Fantasies Op. 116, played by Terhi Dostal. LIVE recording from the Helsinki recital.

Beethoven: Sonata in F minor Op. 57 "Appassionata", played by Terhi Dostal. LIVE recording from the Helsinki recital.

_dsc6284a.jpgNew artist photos

Terhi Dostal's new artist photos were taken by Thorsten Heideck in Berlin. Special thanks to the Finnish Culture Institute in Germany!

See the pictures here.

NEWS 7/2012

Listen to this week's piece:

Mendelssohn Fantasy Op. 28 played by Terhi Dostal

Terhi Dostal receives outstanding critics at the Valery Gergiev Festival

"Terhi Dostal’s honest musicianship convinced

Terhi Dostal, better known for the Mikkeli people as Terhi Jääskeläinen, showed convincingly her expertise at Chopin and Brahms’s piano music at the Chamber Music Hall of Mikaeli. Johannes Brahms’s 16 Waltzes are, despite their musical challenges, more like sympathetic atmospheric pieces than truly concertizing music. Dostal formed the series of these miniatures naturally, underlining delicately the special character of every waltz.

Frédéric Chopin’s Polonaise in C minor Op. 40 No. 2 has remained in vain in the shadow of the more often played polonaises of the composer. Dostal brought out its hidden defiance in her intensive interpretation. The brisk treatment of rhythm delighted in the better known A major Polonaise of the same opus and prevented the mild tautology of the piece from becoming disturbing.

The final piece of the concert was Johannes Brahms’s Variations on a Theme by Paganini Op. 35 which belongs to the most massive piano works of the composer. Dostal played the piece deeply musically, without indulging in superficial showmanship. This performance, as well as the whole concert, was marked by the honest musician’s deep respect for the composer."

7 July 2012, Jaakko Haapaniemi, Länsi-Savo (translated from Finnish)


Terhi Dostal played a recital 5 July 2012 at Valery Gergiev Festival in Mikkeli. Photo by Laura Luostarinen.

NEWS 6/2012

Terhi Dostal's Doctor's Degree was conferred in a three day Sibelius-Academy Conferment Ceremony in Helsinki, Finland, 1-3 June 2012. She also received the traditional Finnish academic hat. More photos in the photo album.


NEWS 5/2012

dsc00881.jpgTerhi Dostal mourns for the death of her dear piano teacher, wonderful Prof. Noel Flores from Vienna, who died 19th of May. Terhi Dostal had her first lessons with Prof. Flores at the age of fifteen and was able to receive instruction from him until her Doctor's Degree in 2010.
Born in Goa, India, Noel Flores studied in Madrid and Vienna. After playing many concerts that were highly acclaimed by the press, and winning few international prizes (like the first medal at the Geneva International Piano Competition), Noel Flores was offered a chair as full Professor at the University of Music in Vienna. His class has brought out several prize-winners of International Piano Competitions, few renowned teachers & international recording & performing artists.
Terhi Dostal misses deeply Prof. Flores, who was a wise, understanding and friendly man and a great musician and teacher.

Terhi Dostal played a recital at the new Musik Centre ("Musiikkitalo") in Helsinki in 3rd of May 2012.
Terhi Dostal played a concert in Lichtwarksaal, Hamburg, in the 16th of May 2012. In the picture, she discusses Brahms onstage with Philipp Cavert, a radio host from NDR. More Information on the concert here.

NEWS 4/2012


Right: Terhi Dostal after her concert in the Spiegelsall of Clärchens Ballhaus, 8th April 2012 (Photo by Paula Saraste).
Upcoming concerts of Terhi Dostal

NEWS 2/2012

Article about Terhi Dostal and Berlin (in Finnish)

Terhi Dostalin haastattelu Satakunnan kansassa 19.2.2012 (kirj. Ilari Tapio): Sivu 1, Sivu 2

Ein Artikel über Terhi Dostal und andere finnische Künstler in Berlin auf Deutsch (Botschaft von Finnland, Berlin 2010).

Pauliina Valtasaari and Terhi Dostal's concert in Berlin


Kommentar über das Konzert in Culturclash-Dickes-Berlin

Friday 3 Feb 2012 at 7 pm / Freitag, 3. Februar 2012, 19:00 Uhr

Schwartzsche Villa, Grunewaldstr. 55, 12165 Berlin-Steglitz

In cooperation with the Finnland-Institut in Deutschland.

2.2.2012 Pauliina Valtasaari and Terhi Dostal in the "Berlin live" of the Berliner Morgenpost and at the website of the Eunic Berlin!

NEWS 12/2011

Terhi Dostal's concerts in Berlin: 2011.12.02_s.e_konzert.jpg

2.12. at 7.30 pm Kulturforum Hellersdorf, Carola-Neher-Str. 1, 12619 Berlin

4.12. at 4 pm Gemeindesaal Ev. Kirchengemeinde Kladow, Kladower Damm 369, 14089 Berlin

NEWS 5/2011

Terhi Dostal has a concert tour with a Brahms programme in May! See details.

NEWS 1/2011

Terhi Dostal gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl in the 17th of January, 2011.

NEWS 11-12/2010:

Terhi Dostal received her Doctor of Music degree in the 23rd of November, 2010.

Terhi Dostal's new Brahms CD available! Terhi Dostal - Brahms Variations

- Download the album from Equal dreams or 

- order the CD in the internet (Fuga) or

- order the CD by email from