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The Finnish Romantics meet Beethoven

"The Finnish Romantics meet Beethoven" (in German "Die finnischen Romantiker begegnen Beethoven") was the concert series of the Finnish Institute in Germany in 2008. This was the first concert series in which I have been able to serve as an artistic director. The idea of the concert series was to present the Finnish romantic music in Germany. Many people there knew Sibelius, but the other interesting composers like Hannikainen, Palmgren, Kuula, Melartin, Launis, Madetoja,and Linko were still relatively unknown. They have also very challenging big works.kuula_toivo300.jpg

The concert series included 16 concerts in 9 cities. The concerts took place e.g. in the HelsinKissBerlin Festival, Nordischer Klang Festival and in the concert series of the Concert Direction Hörtnagel. Some of the concerts were also broadcasted by the main radio senders like Deutschlandradio Kultur and Bayerischer Rundfunk. The performers were the following:

NIX Piano Quartet

Melis Jaatinen, mezzo sopran, and Jari Tyni, piano

karmon_mikkola.jpgNina Karmon, violin, and Laura Mikkola, piano

Maria Kowollik, contralto, and Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson, piano

Meta 4 Quartet

Timo Latonen, piano

Sonja Fräki, piano and Niklas Pokki, piano

See also the Concert Flyer in German, Design: Jan Putensen